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Another Year, Brilliance Unfolds With The Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2023

Marking the artistry, here comes the season which as always creates a benchmark in the history of Australia’s fashion glow-up. This year, the fashion month sees the work of the best and upcoming designers taking over the stage. The loaded schedule of engrossing shows counts on the runway to bring out the modest fashion of the coming trend. Editors, influencers, and designers all united for another year at Carriageworks in Sydney’s Redfern. Joining the threads, the event began with a traditional Welcome to Country, and introducing a smoking ceremony for the attendees. And with that came appreciation and excitement for the moments to capture ahead.


Outsetting for almost a week-long affair, the debut of Lesleigh Jermanus took us aback with a prologue idea that followed a bygone ride to the “Return To Oz”. The costumes created a visual journey that embarked colorful prints honoring the approach of Alemais. Unveiling the arena, the contrasting graphics blended neatly into the upcoming season trend in tops, skirts, and dresses. The label was once more seen drawing the signature tailoring but with a twist of crisp feel. Altogether, the collection gathered a vintage inspiration lined-up in billowing blouses, playful maxi dresses, metallic impressions, and a surreal jazzy vibe for the luxurious design.

St. Agni

Moments after the opening of the show, St. Agni made a startling appearance. The label flawlessly proved what it’s like to add a pinch of sharpness to urbanity. Offering subdued colors, the theme brought up a contemporary verve to the runway. The Resort 24’ collection of the brand was nothing but an outspoken effort of detailed tailoring for modern aesthetics. St. Agni added bluntness when each clothing piece took the center with a sensual element. In shades of white, beige, silver, and black, a cutting-edge statement was made with underboob-baring metal bras to netted gowns, owing to the grounded designs of the past.

Bondi Born

Dropping an accent collection on the grounds, the Bondi Born show pulled off a refreshing scene at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability. The waterside location complemented perfectly as the models walked ahead, enhancing the look and feel of the silk and linen pieces even better. With airy and draped silhouettes, they bagged the spotlight attention for the beachy wardrobe display. The picturization of the design was minimalist with a comforting palette of brown, pink, blue, and cream hues. Bondi Born outfit range, overall, was a combination of gorgeous looks and versatility. Not to miss, the collaboration with the State of Escape added grace to the style output.

Besides, much-awaited street style looks, this time, the Afterpay Australian Fashion Week encompasses some key landmark moments channeling a gripping runway. The five-day program conveys a backdrop of industrial structure in breathtaking knitwear, intricate embroidery, and denim ensembles, making way with each step forward. Alongside some of the industry’s biggest names, the homegrown brands and international labels charmed the fans of fashion with their sleek, and tonal dressing.



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