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Wardrobe Staples For The In-Between Moments

On days like a casual outdoor office party in the afternoon or evening, do not go overboard. Find clothes that meet the in-between; of the formal and informal style; appropriate style to greet your colleague. Spaghetti and camisole tops can create that style for you. Pair those with skirts and wide-legged trousers for a comely mode.

Though the fashion trends keep changing, spaghetti and camisole will never leave their place. More likely, they are entitled to wardrobe-essentials. Both are similar to each other but in slightly different ways. Read below to know more!

Spaghetti Top

Literally, spaghetti top got its name from spaghetti noodles because of its thin straps, also called spaghetti straps or noodle straps. The spaghetti straps are thin, enough to uncover the shoulder and collarbone when worn. Current trends in tops, dresses, and jumpsuits; embrace spaghetti straps. Still continuing to be in fashion, spaghetti tops are suitable for styling clothes on both; formal and informal occasions.

Camisole Top

Camisole top is one type of spaghetti top; it has thin straps same as the latter. Camisoles can be referred to as spaghetti tops. But not all spaghetti tops can be treated as camisoles. Formerly, they were only a part of the lingerie. But with the changing fashion era, they are now freely worn as outer clothing like a regular top. However, they can still be worn under deep necks and transparent or lighter material of a blouse or top, shirts, jackets, and shrugs.

Style Them With 4 Basics:

Styling spaghetti and a camisole top doesn’t take much of your time. A bit of tryout with different patterns and fabrics is all it would require to get a fine sense of fashion.

Go Classic Solid

When newer patterns launch in clothing, the older ones get lost in the pack. But the solids remain a go-to for a classic fashion. A spaghetti and camisole top paired with a solid-colored tee and shirt create a neat statement.

Unbutton The Shirt

Wearing a spaghetti and camisole top with an open shirt gives a cold vibe. You can try it with any graphic or patterned shirt. You can prefer to unbutton the shirt halfway up or down as per your comfort. Even tuck it in slightly from one side, tie a knot in the bottom or keep it off the shoulders to make it more snappy.

Sway With Skirt

Cropped and tucked in spaghetti and camisole tops go well with the skirts. Try out plain colors and floral print skirts and get all set to enjoy your social gathering without cluttered, tight, and heavy clothing.

Mandatory Denim

Count these as another wardrobe essential as well. Without denim, the closet looks incomplete. Select denim pants, shirts, and skirts, and wear them with your cutest spaghetti and camisole top. This basic casual look will elevate like a savage style.

Leaving aside the fact of wearing the two as innerwear or outerwear, knowing the art to style it, as the event says, is the only thing considered.



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