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The staple Fashion Friday (and weekend) coat that will revolutionize your wardrobe!

Updated: May 22, 2022

This weekend, we turned our clocks forward to mark the start of spring- longer days, more sunshine and the occasional gentle shower! There is no better way than to kick off your weekend with a gorgeous and unique outfit that will keep you comfortable all day and prepare you for the unexpected.


Trench coats have become a trending clothing item since they first came into vogue and entered the wardrobes of women in the 19th century, shifting from their initial rubberized cotton design for men in the British military.

Since then, they have been reappropriated to suit rain and shine, the indoor and the outdoor, and the formal and casual, making them a perfect fit for your weekend plans no matter what they are!

The popularity of the trench coat has allowed it to be the epitome of versatility- developed in so many ways to suit your plans. Designs feature light and cool fabric, thermal fabric and temperature adjusting fabrics, letting you rock your coat both indoors and at your next BBQ!


The popularity of these trench coats has surprisingly made them the opposite of cliché, rather providing the opportunity for the trench coats to speak for your values and style through text, patterns, colors and designs. While you may struggle to find personalized clothes, the trench coat has become so versatile that there is no doubt you can find the one that speaks for you!

It doesn’t matter what you wear underneath your trench coat, it can be adapted to any sort of dress and skirts or alternatively leggings, jeans, and pants!

But what’s even better is that the trench coat can make any footwear appropriate, compatible with boots, heels, open shoes, and sneakers! While the elegance of a dress may suggest the presence of heels, they may not be the best choice on a chilled weekend. There is no need to worry, as a suitable trench coat can elegantly casualize your fit, allowing your beautiful dress to suit the plainest sneakers.

Alternatively, wearing a trench coat can formalize a comfy activewear fit, allowing you to rock status and elegance effortlessly at a party or formal gathering.

Buy this weekend (and any day) fashion staple now to impress those around you!



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