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Spring Summer Fashion

Updated: May 22, 2022

A new season means new outfits, and we couldn’t be more excited about that.

Hello Sunshine! It's A Spring Thing! Spring has SPRUNG! Spring is Nature's way of saying, "Let's party !"

With millions of Aussies set to still be in lockdown when the first day of spring arrives, what better way to prepare for the warmer weather than to get started on your spring shopping from home? Online shopping is our favorite way to spend lockdown, even if our bank accounts don't thank us for it.

There are so many brands and sites to scour that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and even harder to keep track of your favorite items once you have.

The Best Basics to Wear For Spring

Sheer everything

Sheer dresses, shirts, skirts and more dominated the Spring/Summer 2021 runways from fashion houses like Dior, Chanel and Valentino and has filtered down to brands that are in our price range too. It's the perfect trend for spring because it allows you to layer while still staying cool in the warm weather.

Wide pants

Wide-leg trousers and jeans have been rising in popularity and definitely had their moment this winter, but don't think about retiring them yet!

They're perfect for spring and summer too because you're covered up but still getting plenty of airflow - that means you'll be way cooler than if you were wearing jeans or tights.

Puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves are here to stay, according to the Givenchy and Balmain SS21 runways - which is great because most of us already own at least one cute top or dress with a puffy sleeve moment. they can be paired with dark corsets or leather accessories for a more edgy style too.

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are supremely comfortable because of their wonderfully loose cut, which allows the legs to swirl around you as you walk and gives a graceful flair to your figure. If you are shorter or curvier, opt for palazzo pants that aren’t too loose or you can easily look overwhelmed, especially if you pick a bold design or bright color. You can find palazzo pants to match every mood and taste.

What are you planning to wear for spring? We’d love to know if you have your own spring essentials or how you’re updating old outfits for the season.



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