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Go Casual For This Father’s Day!

Called the “Hero” of their child is not any praising word. It is a title earned by a father from the pure emotions of his child ─ seeing his dad working round the clock only to provide his family with the best possible. A father deserves a day off; when he can just sit and relax; without worrying about the work or the well-being of his family. Be a buddy to your dad, gear him up in the casuals, take him somewhere in a calm environment and push him to de-stress and chill for a while.

The gentleman ─ who is the human version of a coconut; follows a routine in his life. Wakes up early and sits on his favorite chair, holding a cup of tea in one hand and a newspaper in the other. Wearing glasses; he reads every news article like it is his exam tomorrow; he is none other than your dear father. Daily he goes off to work all suited up, like a next-level fashion model on a runway. Sometimes he takes more time to get ready than you do; because he is very particular about the tie to complement his other clothing piece.

By following a very disciplined dressing style, a father is one literal kind of home celeb. His shirt is always tucked in, his tie is knotted in the center perfectly, the cufflinks are also rightly pinned on the shirt, and the shoes are clean and shiny; all the time like; they just got off the store. Now the summer is here too; light cotton loose-fit shirts, t-shirts, shorts, and half-pants are relaxing to wear for a short trip. Brush up your dad’s style a little with comfortable designs, and get in the car; to take a tour around the town.

Seeing the season’s peak, a half sleeve length graphic and printed shirt of lighter linen is ideal for your dad on beach vacations. The fabric is very breathable. Which makes it easy to stay in all day to beat the warm weather with the bold pattern shirts. For the bottoms, your dad can wear; solid-colored shorts or even the modern solid-colored classic chinos. Besides the graphic shirt, the all-time favorite full sleeve checkered shirts also workaround in traveling. Either your dad can wear only the shirt and pants together. Or keep the shirt open while wearing a sleek t-shirt beneath the shirt; for a casual look. And pair it with jeans, joggers, or relaxed-fit pants.

Of course, perfect shoes are a must to explore and walk all day around places. Partner the shirts, shorts, pants, and chinos with easy-to-walk white sneakers. All-white sneakers are stylish, attractive, comfy, and adapt to any clothing. Further, your dad can also set foot on loafers or slip-on and match those with the apparel.

Remember, every dad hates shabby dressing sense. So make sure that what casual apparels you pick for him are neatly styled, not too funky, and carefully ironed if needed.



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