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Get Dolled Up To Attend Summer Weddings!

Celebration time begins with the summer of love! Probably there are wedding invitations lined up in the inbox waiting to be RSVP’d. The bride and groom are the highlights of the wedding, but the guests too want to make their presence felt when they enter the venue. When planning to attend a summer wedding comes the struggle to decide what to wear. Look for something summerlike dresses that will make heads turn.

Bright colors and floral prints are always a charming and comfortable way out for a summer wedding. Dresses with a mix of both give a grandeur appearance. There is also a trend hyped on; concerning the dress code for the different wedding festivities. So, when there is a more traditional and formal dress code for a summer wedding, as a guest, one should think of wearing mid-length or ankle-length dresses or even gowns. But not heavy ones for sure ─ thin and beaming materials would work.

When it comes to styling your guest look, minimal accessories are best to not heat you off even more as the weather demands. Pair your dress with shoulder-grazing earrings, keep your neckline empty with no necklace or choker; for sandals, thick heel stilettos, or block heels are flawless fit. Carry a cute mini small clutch with you. That is it! You are all set to attend the wedding.

Summer weddings usually take place outdoors over the grassland in a big hotel or palace or on the seaside. Do keep that in mind when going on a shopping spree because you definitely do not want to look dull and overdressed in any scenarios. These generally last from late afternoon to evening or till early night. Choose colors that look gloomy enough to nail the wedding and the after-wedding cocktail party look.

Jaunty dresses are no less than a showstopper in the summers. They are roomy; they are floaty. An utter credit goes to ─ Olivia Munn’s green midi off-the-shoulder dress from the Netflix movie ‘Love Wedding Repeat'. Her wow look drew ladies’ attention to the extent that they just wanna walk out of their loose shirts and dress up for a wedding. Ladies have set their hearts on her midi dress. The sweet floral print midi dress can never go wrong for a wedding.

It appears to be sheath or satin dresses also made an unrevealing pact with the festivities and celebrations. A sheath dress is a type of dress that hugs the body from the neck to the hem. One way or the other, they know how to make their comeback in the season with their silky features. They are sometimes taken as slip dresses because they carry thin straps and fit the body figure.

Some tips to help you get started include wearing heels to elongate your legs, adding a belt to define your waist, and accessorizing with statement jewelry. You can also try different hairstyles and makeup looks to complete your look for a summer wedding.



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